martedì 6 maggio 2014

World's Fair Trade Day

May the 10th is going to be the World's Fair Trade Day. Fair Trade has become the leading movement promoting social justice today. World Fair Trade Day, on 10th May is a global day to celebrate this - Look here.

Fair Trade finally reached a key-point; developments should be monitored. In May 2013, in fact, during the Annual General Meeting of the WFTO in Rio de Janeiro, it was approved the WFTO Guarantee System which enables the use of an organisation-based label on products. It promises to be an innovative, robust system combining well-tested components of existing systems (such as audits and self-assessment) with new components like a risk assessment and Peer Visits. This combination allows for a more cost-effective, sustainable system that also leaves room to grow Fair Trade practices. Learn more about the new system here.

Will the WFTO really work? Can we all learn from this? Could this be a lesson also for small farmer communities in developed Countries?
We will dig it.