giovedì 12 agosto 2010

How is the international trade network of olive oil changing?

The recent growth of olive oil consumption rose interest for its international trade exchanges. The intensified exchanged volumes and values also increased the complexity of the market. Even the role of the main producing and exporting Countries slightly changed. Complexity also depends by product specificities that offer the chance to mix different olive oils to get a marketable end product at lower prices. The perspective of profit attracted multinational industries and corporations, whose interests are transversal the National borders influencing the trade relationships. At the same time, international trade treaties resettled the map of exchanges, mainly under the influence of globalization and liberalization of markets. Several approaches have been used and tested to provide the scientific community with tools able to condense an easy-to-read and clear information, and to unpack the dynamics of the olive oil international trade. What's the position of the main exporting and importing (or both) Countries? Are there new players? What's their position? Are they emerging or not? Who are the best brokers? We use network analysis trying to answer questions like these.

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