sabato 14 gennaio 2012

Brazilian olive oil

Dear beloved followers and readers of the International Olive Oil Observatory,
as you know, we already talked about olive oil in Brazil, mainly in our reports about international trade.
If we where depicting Brazil as one possible emerging market, given its booming economy and its increasing imports of olive oil (see our articles back of some months ago), here we are with the first Brazilian olive oil: Olivas do Sul owned by Josè Alberto Aued.
From what we read from its rich website and blog (read the full original text), this pioneer of olive oil counts some 23 hectares of olive orchard planted with arbequina, arbosana and koroneiki, harvested to mill some thousands liters of extravirgin olive oil.
The interest of Brazil for olive oil is also testified by Expo Azeite (give a look), an international fair that celebrates this year its 6th edition, that accounts for large international sponsorships (as Pieralisi), and that seems being fairly working to disseminate the culture of olive oil consumption.
We invite every body to keep looking at this interesting evolutions, we'll do the same.


venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

Major organic oil producer Kailis collapses

Dear all,
we report here the collapse of one of the largest organic olive oil producers in the World, Kailis olive oil, a company with a 2,000 hectares olive orchard in Australia. You can read it on ABC rural (November the 30th 2011):

Kailis used to produce a real good quality organic olive oil as, if you do not trust our tasting abilities, you can judge by the prizes he won. The former article indicates in the European (namely Spanish and Italian) cheap olive oil Aussie imports the reason for Kailis to drop out.
May be. May be, it could be interesting to look at the cost structure of such a large orchard, for us to learn more about farm management (there's plenty of debate about efficiency). Or, may be, it could be interesting to understand how European competitors can bring cheap olive oil in Australia. In the mean while, the Italian Monini - Carapelli and other Italian brands are no longer Italian owned, as you certainly know- came out recently with its first Australian olive oil bottle, produced from some hundreds of hectares of olive trees in the "Down-under".

Interesting, isn't it?